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Risk Providers & MSOs

We help providers and MSOs maximize their revenue while transitioning into risk contracts and value-based reimbursement.


The Challenge

Primary care physicians spend their days treating patients, leaving them with limited time to ensure that they are complying with health plan and government regulations. Healthcare organizations currently share this information with physicians through antiquated paper reports. Healthcare representatives setup meetings to deliver these paper reports and more… but it’s not enough. And the reality is that a healthcare organization could be looking at anywhere from 15 to 25 percent in lost revenue because of this.

How it Works

We bring Solutions to Healthcare Organizations through Analytics


Financial and clinical data into a single platform.


Costs of services and compliance on a per patient, a per physician, or group basis. Analyze performance indicators, trends, cost opportunities, care gaps, and risk gaps with easy-to-use dashboards.


With role-based workflows and dashboards provided to financial and clinical staff. iMLR makes data meaningful and actionable.

Save and Increase

Quality of care by of adopting a proactive and preventive approach and directly incentivizing physicians for high performance.

Our solutions are
suitable for:

Health Plans

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Management Service Organizations (MSOs)

Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)

Risk Providers