Same Goal, Very Different Measures of Success: The Provider Engagement Podcast with Guest Jen Mclurg

Posted by: user@icare | 28th Nov, 2022

Payers, Providers, and Vendors all have to work together to accomplish the healthcare triple aim of increasing positive health outcomes, improving the experience, and reducing costs for everyone.

However, while the end goal may be the same, the individuals that are involved at all the various levels are judged by wildly different metrics, and what is important to them in the moment may not be as simple as “for the good of the patient.”

Jen McClurg is the Principal of McClurg Healthcare Advisors, where she helps businesses best position their solutions for the healthcare market of today, and tomorrow.

With expertise in the needs of Value-Based Care payers, providers, and vendors, Jen brings some excellent, and somewhat counterintuitive, insights on how empathy for everyone and doing what’s right for the patients and providers – even when it may benefit a competitor – is the best strategy.

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