Stars and Supplemental Benefits: The Provider Engagement Podcast with Guest Dan Weaver

Posted by: user@icare | 15th Jun, 2022


There’s been a big shift in CMS Stars Ratings. HEDIS Measures and are not being weighted as heavily, while member experience is becoming more important.

Our guest in this episode, Dan Weaver, has been working in the Stars arena for many years on the health plan side, and recently shifted to the vendor side in supplemental benefits.

In his conversation with John and Will, he shared multiple insights on the shift to a member experience focus as well as how supplemental benefits benefit everyone – patients, payers, and providers.

Some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • How the CMS focus shift on Member Experience is changing the game for everyone.
  • How COVID’s exacerbation of SDoH factors really pushed the adoption of supplemental benefits providers.
  • How can Physicians/PCPs stay in the loop with the services being provided to their patients by supplemental benfefit providers.
  • How health plans can consolidate communications of care information proactively to PCPs and all the stakeholders (and situations where that’s vital).
  • How Technology Resource Provider should be looking at the scopes of capabilities in their offerings, and how they respond to outside input.
  • How newer care models, like ACOs, can take advantage of supplemental benefits by planning ahead for targeted situations such as care packages and short term meal delivery.
  • How providers can improve their own quality and member experience ratings by understanding what solutions and benefits have been made available to their patients by their health plans.
  • How health plans can do a better job at educating providers through multiple channels about those benefits.

In the end, Dan’s take home message is that this is ultimately about approaching care as a partnership.  Payers, primary care providers, supplemental benefits providers, technology vendors – we all have to come together to achieve the best outcomes for our populations.

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